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After a very wet day the Double Ds took to a slightly soggy field to take on fellow MK team the Homerun Hornets. Similar to their last game the DDs started incredibly strongly scoring 17 runs while the Hornets only managed one in the first three innings. However the Hornets battled back in the second half of the game including a fantastic six runs in the final inning but the damage was already done & the game ended 21-15 to the Double Ds.

First inning:

Hornets 0

DDs 3

Second inning:

Hornets 0

DDs 10

Third inning:

Hornets 1

DDs 4

Fourth inning:

Hornets 1

DDs 0

Fifth inning:

Hornets 4

DDs 4

Sixth inning:

Hornets 3

DDs 0

Seventh inning

Hornets 6

DDs bat in hand

Home runs were scored by Lee Grafton from the DDs and Hornets Louis Sanford, Trevor Morely & Alan Davis. For the DDs the MVP awards were given to Sam Gibson for some fantastic fielding at 2nd base & Pitcher & Captain Craig Holmes for consistent base hitting and pitching. For the Hornets the awards also went to Trevor Morley for the second match in a row for his work in outfield and then at pitcher, and to Robyn Hillyard for a solid game at first base.

This win puts the DDs at the top of the table but with the Lakers & Tigers hot on their heels how long will they stay there? Find out at our next League match on Tuesday 14th June!

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