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The Homerun Hornets completed an amazing turnaround of their season to lift the first ever play off title. After three early season defeats, the Hornets looked well and truly swatted, but something stirred deep within their nest to begin a winning streak which ended in an 8-5 win over the Double D's in the final.

The game was a great occasion at Conniburrow softball diamond with a number of spectators arriving to watch the action (and grab the drinks on offer). Leah Holmes kept the atmosphere bouncing with an eclectic selection of tunes which shuddered the windows of Conniburrow residents. Jake Clarke impressed everyone with his announcing skills and is now available to hire for weddings and corporate events.

Many games this season have been high scoring, & despite a great tag by the D's 3rd baseman James Hand, the Hornets jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with Cathy Ford (née Allard) and Trevor Morley crossing home plate. Then Homerun Hornets' pitcher Alan Davies took over, shutting out the D's in innings 2, 3 and 4 - his aim as accurate as Clint Eastwood in a wild west saloon. He was backed up by a fine catch by Louis Sanford and a fantastic double play from Chris Borah.

The crowd grew inning by inning, with others at home keeping track of the action on Facebook live (until it ran out of battery).

Another flurry of hits in the fourth inning saw the Hornets increase the lead to 6-1 as the light began to fade. However, the D's weren't going quietly, with three runs coming in the fifth thanks to a home run from Lee Grafton, a now very familiar sight in the MK league! However, Alan Davies wasn't going to let the lead slip and restricted the D's to a single run in the sixth - meaning that the Hornets were the first ever Milton Keynes softball champions.

However, the Hornets don't have long to bask in their glory as the indoor league starts in two weeks, with an introductory session on 11th October. Well done to all teams, captains, umpires, organisers and players this season - and most of all the Hornets!

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