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What is Softball?

Slowpitch Softball is a social, mixed gender team sport, suitable for adults of all ages and abilities. It is similar to baseball (with a few rule adaptations) and is played outside during the spring/summer months before moving indoors for winter.

When your team is on offense, you hit a slowly-pitched ball with a round bat and attempt to advance around four bases and score a run. Meanwhile, the defense is trying to get you out by catching balls hit in the air or throwing the ball to the base you’re attempting to reach. Simples!

Softball provides a great opportunity for fresh air and exercise while not being too aerobically demanding. Instead, it’s a sport that will increase agility, reactions and concentration.


Best of all, softball encourages new friendships and team-building. It is a great social activity as well as a sporting competition so why not give it a try!

Slowpitch softball...


The MK Softball League offers prospective players and current members the chance to get a taste of regular competitive Softball at our home in Milton Keynes.  Launched in May 2016, our mission is to continue growing our wonderful sport by being one of the friendliest and most inclusive leagues around.


We pride ourselves on being welcoming to beginners and know how nerve-wracking taking up a new sport can be. This is why our feeder club the MK Diamonds offers weekly coaching sessions for all ability levels with the first session absolutely free! So why not give it a try!

We currently welcome players aged 14 and over, no previous experience necessary and all equipment is provided.

What we do...


In May 2011, Milton Keynes Baseball Club launched a 10 week 'Softball 4 Beginners' course with the initial aim of raising awareness of the club and encouraging new players to take up the game. The course proved to be a great success and by mid-summer, an established group of players emerged who were committed and keen to continue beyond the initial 10 weeks. As a result, the program was extended and continued throughout the rest of the summer until Mid-September & the MK Diamonds were born!


In our 5th year the club was keen to expand further & offer more playing opportunities for players. It was this desire that led to the creation of the MK Softball League, starting with four teams formed from the club. It has since expanded to a seven team league & we can't wait to see how much more we can grow in the coming years...

How it all began...
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