Our supplier is Tshirts2U, who currently supply most of our league match shirts, and are based locally in Newport Pagnell offering service in person whenever needed. The idea behind the shop was to remove committee responsibility for ordering and distributing new kit and allow players to do this directly, whilst also vastly expanding our current merchandise range.


The pages are split into two categories: MK Diamonds and team pages: The MKD page offers a greater range including new training tops, tournament shirts (matched to the current design), new hoodies, and soon caps and waterproofs will be added. The team pages copy the hoodie and zoodie designs, and will eventually also boast caps and beanies. Whilst the colours change per team to match their current colour scheme, the logos remain the same across all as we felt it really important to maintain our overall league identity. MK Odd Sox were formed well into this process and we're in discussion with both the team and supplier about getting their page added after their maiden season. We also hope to add kit for Kids/Babies in the near future - a great range of hoodies and tops for little people, in MKD and team colours.

Orders are made via the website and go direct to Tshirts2U via a standard card payment process. MK Softball League has no involvement in the purchases. The lead time for most items is 2-3 weeks including any printed items and they currently do not offer delivery, but will contact you once it's ready for collection. Other clubs that use them have complex collection procedures in place but we'll keep it simple - you go grab it when it's ready, you'll no doubt be so excited you wouldn't want to wait anyway! It's envisaged that, as we're such a friendly bunch, anyone collecting an item will likely collect for team mates anyway so if you live further afield just ask about. The delivery policy will be reviewed and we're open to ideas, but as per the first paragraph (yeah, that long ago!) our intention is to take workload away from the league - you'll be surprised how long kit stays in someones boot when they're trying to distribute to the masses!


This link will take you to the MK Diamonds page, from here you can navigate directly to the team shops at the bottom of the page. Or alternatively to head straight for team merch select your team below...


Why do Odd Sox not have a page?
Work on this site began a long time before Odd Sox were created. This will be reviewed, and we'll likely add a page for next year in the same style as other MKSL teams. Towcester Tigers and Northants Praetorians are also not included as they have their own equipment suppliers.

Do you do women's sizes?
Most items are unisex in size. We previously offered a women's fit hoodie, but research conducted suggested this wouldn't be popular enough to role out as an option. The style chosen also didn't have a clear women's option. Again, this can be reviewed if demand for a female design becomes sufficient.

Is there a size chart?
All items have a size guide at the bottom of each page.

Will team logos be on some items?
We felt it important to maintain our wider club identity, so kept the same logo on all team items (except match shirts) but used colour changes to differentiate between the teams.

What are the delivery options?
Currently the only option will be collection. This will be reviewed, but to keep costs down the supplier does not offer a postal service. Pragmatic solutions to collection will likely be created, with teammates offering to collect several orders at once.

How long will I have to wait to get my hands on my new merch?
The website specifies timescales, which are usually 2-3 weeks from order. Some may be ready earlier than that.

How much are the club making from each sale?
Nothing. All monies taken go directly to the supplier. To add a small fee to raise club funds means a potentially complicated invoicing system at present. This will be reviewed once the demand for items is known.

Can I get an item personalised?

Currently only match shirts offer a personalisation option, simply select this & you will be directed to a form after the payment page to record the relevant details. Other items may be possible to personalise but you would have to contact the store directly to discuss.

What do I do if I have a problem with my item?
Contact Tshirts2U. The benefit of choosing a local supplier is you can visit them in person with any problems. They have always offered great service on the rare occasion any previous issues have been raised.

Why launch if items are still to be added?
It's taken a long time to get here, and with the exception of caps, the largest demand items are now ready to be purchased. We needed to get it working so members could purchase much needed tops and kit.

When will more items come available?
The timescale is unknown but will be asap. Previous delays have come from the time taken to design each item electronically.

Can you offer other items?
We're very open to suggestions for new items, and intend adding to our catalogue over the years. Please get in touch with realistic suggestions and if there is enough demand we'll get them added.

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