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 Do you want to get active and meet new people in 2022?

Milton Keynes Softball League is offering free, specialist coaching for beginners throughout April to mark the start of the outdoor season which begins on the 5th of April.

Softball is a mixed-sex bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of 10 players. It is similar to baseball, but the softballs are larger, and the pitches are thrown underarm rather than overarm.

Our sessions take place on the diamond and playing fields at Conniburrow Sports Pavilion (MK14 7DX). Here we will get you up to speed with all the skills and rules so you can join our main training sessions. If you feel comfortable, there are spots available on our league teams who play each other throughout the summer. Teams are of mixed ability and we are always looking for new players to grow our league.

Last Spring saw a record number of beginners join our sessions, so don’t miss out!

What else is on offer?

We are a thriving league and as your skills develop you will be able to join our Milton Keynes Diamonds team, which play a number of tournaments around the country that are suitable for newer players.

We also run our own tournament once a year called the Codebreakers Cup. And if that’s not enough, we run several social events throughout the year, from barbeques, to quizzes!


Don’t miss out – get in touch today! Email for more information.

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