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Rhinos keep play off charge on track


The Roundabout Rhinos continued their excellent start to the season with an impressive 21-6 win over the Double Ds.

The Ds got one run on the board in the first with a single by Simon Felstead to score Jon Reynolds – who is now back with the Ds after yet another trade deal hammered out in the Holmes’s front room.

However, things started to turn in the Rhinos’ favour when walks from Jamie Armes and Steve Watkins scored runs. Leah Holmes was so excited she forgot to bat while too busy chatting. Louise Moore was guesting at catcher for the Ds and made some great tag plays and added two more spectacular collisions to her burgeoning reputation of impressive injury avoidance.

With the Rhinos 5-1 up in at the bottom of the second, Jon Reynolds’ double made it 3-5 but some fine plays at first base by Jamie Armes kept the slender lead intact.

In the third, singles by Lauren Shkurko (scoring Ashley Goodfellow) and Vickie Robson scored runs and a home run (captured in all its glory below) was delivered by Carl Billson to put the Rhinos in total command at 12-4. If you watch carefully on the second clip you can see the ever-enthusiastic Jake Clarke still looking to make a play even though the ball was in the trees.

Umpire Trevor Morley added to in the entertainment with a strike call so high-pitched it shattered several windows in the local area.

Excellent hitting by Steve Watkins, Steve Lamb and Jamie Armes gave the Rhinos an unassailable 21-5 lead after five innings and two fantastic plays by Vickie Robson kept the Ds down to a single run to wrap up the win 21-6.

The win puts the Rhinos firmly in the play off picture at 2-0 and alongside the Willow Lakers and Towcester Tigers who meet on Tuesday. Training takes place alongside. Be there!

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