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Here at MK Softball League, we are committed to ensuring that softball is inclusive and accessible to all of our members.

We recognise that the cost of living crisis has meant that some of our members may need more support to continue to access the sport that they love. We believe every member makes a valuable contribution to our league, and we wouldn’t want any barriers - financial or otherwise - to prevent anyone from taking part. Therefore, we have created a new Softball For All Fund which will allow members to apply for additional financial support should they need it.

This financial assistance can take the form of payment plans, part-payment, or full-payment of costs associated with softball, including league, training, or tournament fees.

The short and simple application can be found here, and any applications received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

We know how hard it can be to ask for help so we would ask all captains, teams and members to actively promote this fund and encourage applications. If anyone would like a confidential discussion about this fund, please contact any of the panel members either directly or through the club inbox.

The 2023 panel consists of the following committee members:

Leah Holmes (Chairperson)

James Bradley (Treasurer)

Kat Newman (Fundraising)

We have ring fenced a small amount of club funds to launch this initiative and therefore awards will be limited in the first year. However, if any members or other organisations would be interested in donating to increase the fund then please do get in touch.


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