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Diamonds take home the silverware!

Last weekend, our MK Diamonds took to the fields of Slough to participate in part two of the Diamond Series. As Plate winners in part one, their spirits were high.

After a very early start, it took a while for our Diamonds to find their rhythm - here is some footage from the rigorous warm-up.

Once the bats had warmed up, the magic started happening. Unfortunately, in Saturday’s last game, Sally suffered an injury to her calf. Thankfully, our resident medic, Fyona was there to save the day. Much to her dismay, this meant that Sally would only be able to cheer from the sidelines for the rest of the weekend.

With another 9am start, our Diamonds were excited for their first match of the day being on the dirt, some more so than others with the weather greeting them on the field.

Despite heavy rain, they were not deterred and managed to secure their second win of the weekend. With two wins and five losses, our Diamonds were in for a chance to win the Spoon. After two more tantalising games, they were triumphant and walked away with the silverware - which was in fact was a twelve pack of Corona rather than a nice handy utensil from Lakeland.

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