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The Homerun Hornets have completed the greatest sporting comeback since Rocky defeated Ivan Drago in Rocky IV by beating the Towcester Tigers 11-9 in the play off decider.

The Hornets were without a league win until mid-July, but have turned their season around in spectacular fashion.

As always, the Hornets didn’t make it easy for themselves, falling to an early four run deficit. Some speedy running by Alex Reynolds left the Hornets in a flap and needing inspiration.

However, the Hornets batting proved the difference – despite the usual excellent fielding from pitcher Laura Thompson, and some of the best first base work of the season by MVP Hannah West. Helped by fellow MVP in right field, the Tigers did not give up and eyed their prey in the final inning.

A last inning rally took the score to 11-9 and fingernails were being nibbled. But it was fitting that Chris Borah, who was suffering from a number of painful and disfiguring injuries, ended the game with a tag to secure the win. Chris was joined as MVP by queen bee Cathy Allard, whose speedy running was too fast even for the Tigers. However, Towcester can be proud of their efforts this season – their first in slowpitch.

The final takes place at 6pm on Tuesday, September 20th at Conniburrow Sport Pavilion which houses a purpose built Softball Diamond. Spectators are welcome so please spread the word. Will you be buzzing for the Hornets or supporting the Double Ds for the cup?

The final will also be a battle of the Reynolds household. Who will win? We are told that young James Reynolds is the person to ask. He’s become the Paul the Octopus of the softball season, predicting every outcome of his parents’ matches. Will he be right again? Find out soon!

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