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The Milton Keynes Softball League had a final to remember as the Homerun Hornets held on against the Willow Lakers to add the indoor title to their trophy cabinet.

The Hornets, who won the outdoor title last year, batted first and were watched by a large number of supporters and players from the other teams. Some of the action can be seen on Leah Holmes’ and Natalie Davis’ Facebook pages (with some interesting “commentary” in the background!)

The Hornets got off to a great start scoring eight runs, including a fine homerun by Chloe Love which looped over the head of 8 foot 6 outfielder Paul Severn – no mean feat! The Lakers responded with five runs and then pitcher Adam Bee used his considerable experience to keep the Hornets to two runs in the second inning and then added his own homerun for good measure. Richie Murray’s play at shortstop was outstanding and has been one of the real highlights of the indoor season – and that’s not to mention his cheeky bunts!

The tide started to turn for the Lakers who levelled the scores at 10-10. The tension was unbearable and a near-silence descended on the hall (apart from Jake Clarke who was still as vocal as ever).

Perhaps the defining moment of the game was a timely homerun by Cathy Ford. Her line drive into left field left the Lakers all at sea and facing a tough final inning deficit. Pitcher Robyn Hillyard was not fazed by the pressure, striking out a number of hitters – sending them to the back of the batting queue like a group of naughty schoolchildren. Some nerve-jangling, but effective running by Katie O’Toole kept the game alive and it came down to the final pitch, but Chris Borah was on hand to make the final out and secure the Hornets the title 16-14.

Stand-in captain Trevor Morley collected the trophy which was slightly misshapen after being hit by a rare errant Richie Murray throw in the warm up. Also deserving of a special mention was Leanne Reynolds who captained the Hornets team throughout the regular season.

We’re sure everyone will agree the indoor season has been a major success and the final was played in a great spirit which makes our league so special. See you outdoors for the next installment!

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