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MK Softball League walks off with top national award

Glover Cup

Our League may only be two years old but already it is catching attention across the country after we picked up an award at the British Softball Federation (BSF) AGM.

Our President, Jon Reynolds, was on hand in Manchester to collect the League Glover Cup which is presented for outstanding development achievement by an affiliated BSF league.

The BSF report said: “Launched in May 2016, the Milton Keynes Softball league has always aimed to be one of the friendliest around, offering current members and prospective players the chance to get a taste of regular competition in and around the town.”

Our League has gone from strength to strength with two outdoor seasons already completed and a second indoor season drawing to a close. So many new players have made the step up from training to League matches, which has helped them go on to represent Milton Keynes Diamonds in tournaments around the country.

The BSF reported continued: “The Milton Keynes Softball League prides itself on being welcoming to beginners, because they know how nerve-wracking taking up a new sport can be. This is why the league offers weekly coaching sessions for players at all ability levels and has even adapted some league rules to make the game more inclusive and fun for everyone involved.”

Jenny Fromer President of the BSF added: "The League Glover Cup is very much about recognising leagues that are proactive about development, and the BSF felt that the MK Softball League really embodies this outlook. Having followed the league's social media presence we were aware of regular initiatives designed to bring new people to the sport as evidenced in their growth from 4 to 7 teams in such a short time. We also recognised that friendly and welcoming approach of the league which is critical to trying to grow a sport."

The 2018 outdoor league is set to start in April and we are excited to add a fifth Milton Keynes team to the League in addition to the Northants Praetorians and Towcester Tigers. If you want to take part, please fill in the form below as soon as possible!

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