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Last year we introduced the first ever Milton Keynes select team; designed to give more experienced players a competitive outlet, and this year we are pleased to say we will be doing this again - twice! Windsor Firstball on the 29th April and SPAM tournament on the 15th September have been chosen as this year's select team events and our selection committee has chosen the following players for the April tournament:

Adam Bee (Lakers)

Carl Billson (Rhinos)

Cathy Ford (Hornets)

Chris Borah (Hornets)

Craig Holmes (DDs)

Jodie Bull (Coach)

Katie O'Connor (Lakers)

Leah Holmes (Rhinos)

Natalie Davis (Hornets)

Richie Murray (Lakers)

Robyn Hillyard (Hornets)

Trevor Morley (Hornets)

Congratulations to all those selected! There will be a second selection commencing in June for the team travelling to SPAM tournament which will allow selectors to see some of our new recruits in action as well as consider form over the season.

The team will be looking to replicate last year's success (we are the current reigning champions!) and we wish them lot's of luck!

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