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Royals retain Codebreakers crown

The Leicester Royals retained the Codebreakers Cup in the second annual Milton Keynes slow-pitch softball tournament.

The final was a repeat of the 2018 Codebreakers Cup, with the Royal overcoming Soft Boiled, 11-4. The 16-team tournament attracted C-grade teams from around the country and took place at Radcliffe School. The line-up of teams included this year's Milton Keynes Softball League champions, the Homerun Hornets, alongside the Double Ds and the Winos - the latter being a joint team fielded by the Roundabout Rhinos and League finalists, the Willow Lakers.

A dry but windy day started with the group stages of the competition. Soft Boiled, Leicester Royals, Game of Throws and Leeds Bobcats all qualified for the Colossus trophy. The Milton Keynes teams battled well in the group stages with the DDs and Hornets winning two games a piece and the Winos one win and a tie.

In the semi finals, Soft Boiled beat Game of Throws 12-6 and Leicester Royal edged out the Bobcats 7-6 to set up a repeat of the 2018 final. In the consolation tournaments, Meteors Red took home the Bombe (plate) trophy, Coventry Blitz won the Enigma (spoon) award and Charity Chargers took home Caesar title (Mess tin).

In the Colossus trophy final, the Royals retained their title beating Soft Boiled 11-4 and received the trophy from Milton Keynes Softball League Chair Hedley Bevan.

Softball in Milton Keynes moves indoors from 15 October with training taking place at Radcliffe School. Begineers are welcome and the first week is free with coaching provided, with League games beginning the week after. Please email for more details.

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