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MK Softball AGM Report

MK Softball's Annual General Meeting looked back on a very unusual year for our League. A year ago we were looking forward to a 2020 full of tournaments, training, the conclusion of our Indoor League and getting outside for a summer of softball. Things turned out very differently, but we were able to get back on the field training - and kept the softball community alive through several virtual activities.

The AGM was well attended with 31 members and committee members online - either there was tremendous enthusiasm for another Zoom meeting - or everyone had finished all four seasons of The Crown.

Leah chaired the meeting, outlining the impact of COVID-19 which forced the cancellation of the Indoor League, Outdoor League, Codebreakers Cup, all

tournaments, and of course, there was no wonderful Awards Night bash...

Keeping in touch online was the only option for several weeks with activities, entertainment, exercise and new scoring skills all arranged for our members free of charge.

The committee's attention then returned to bringing back small group, socially distanced training. This involved reading through guidance, risk assessments and investment in PPI. Sam Gibson was appointed our COVID officer and will shortly be joining Boris and Chris Whitty at daily Coronavirus briefings.

Training was offered for five months, bringing some sort of normality and our members back together - and that's something to be proud of as a club.

Leah thanked the committee: Jake, Jodie, Sam, Paul, Rach, Jon, Chloe and Chris for all their efforts this year. Even a global pandemic hasn't stopped us moving into our tenth anniversary in good shape, albeit a little greyer in some cases.

Jake and Sam gave the Treasurer's and Secretary's reports, with 30 members still signing up despite the disruption. Average attendance during the outdoor sessions 18.6, and the second half of indoor was 11. Jod's Head Coach's report celebrated the efforts of Jon, Jake, Leah, Craig, Trev, Adam and Hedley who kept training going.

An online member survey was then distributed to get feedback on 2020's activities, gauge the appetite to return in 2021 and gather views on the future mission and vision of MK Softball.

The current committee voted unanimously to retain their positions and if anyone would like to help the committee in any way, they can get in touch. The committee will be meeting on a regular basis over the next few weeks to get ready to safely return as soon as possible.

Finally, there was an open discussion on ways to mark our tenth anniversary. Some of the plans are already underway - so keep your eyes peeled.

See you all soon!


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